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Internet Explorer 6 is dead

Microsoft recently announced that it will no longer support and provide update to the sixth major revision of Internet Explorer browser (IE 6), which was released in August 27 2001. The browser which is over 10 year old this year will also not be supported by new Facebook Timeline.

It is speculated that IE6 still has a small hold globally, but in the United States the archaic browser version has dropped below two percent.

According to W3Schools.com and W3Counter.com, who report on the browser usage, in December 2011 the usage was only 1.2% and 1.43% respectively.



Tony Bradley of PCWorld shared some of the reasons you might want to consider abandoning IE6:


Microsoft no longer supports or updates IE6. More importantly, though, many websites –including Facebook — have dropped support for the geriatric browser. Sites would rather just reject the handful of stubborn IE6 users than continue to try and develop sites that are compatible with it.


Internet Explorer 6 was developed before virtually any of the malware attacks that plague the Internet today even existed. Modern browsers can detect and identify potential phishing scam sites, and have mechanisms to prevent drive-by downloads. IE6 is simply not designed to protect you while you surf the way current browsers do.


The current generation of browsers is faster than the decade-old IE6. They have speedier JavaScript engines, and they are optimized to render todays websites more quickly. They also have things like tabbed browsing, the ability to remember the tabs you have open, and the ability to drag tabs off into separate windows – all features that help you streamline the Web surfing experience.

Microsoft announced plans to start silently updating Internet Explorer to the current version — similar to the way rival browsers like Chrome and Firefox automatically push out new versions. However, there are enough caveats and loopholes available that it will still be possible to stick with IE6.

The announcement of abandoning of IE6 indicates that designers and developers will no longer consider the compatibility of the browser when designing and developing websites, resulting in IE6 users isolated.

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Blog inspired by Wikipedia, W3Schools, W3Counter and PCWorld