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Facebook has been king of the social networks for roughly 6 years now. It built on what other social networks offered and introduced us to a whole new level of connectivity – ultimately changing the way we interact with other people. But it might have to hand over the crown to a new contender. Continue reading “Google+” »

Finally it is time for a new Microsoft browser

Last week saw Microsoft launching their latest internet browser, Internet Explorer 9, and amidst the flurry of praise and aversion JHNet set out to investigate, and come to our own conclusion on the web-toddler. Continue reading “Finally it is time for a new Microsoft browser” »


The next generation of website standards is here, although still largely unused by developers due to incompatibility with older browsers.

Whether you want to draw on a canvas, play video, design better forms, or build web applications that work offline, you’ll find that HTML5 is already well-supported. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and mobile browsers already support a large slice of HTML5. Even Microsoft, rarely known for blazing the trail of standards support, will be supporting most HTML5 features in the upcoming Internet Explorer 9. Continue reading “HTML5” »